Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Police Committee to Meet

The Fairhope Police Department is forming a new Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) designed to identify, evaluate, and respond to the needs of the community. Chief Bill Press has said its part of his plan to bring transparency to the Department; and provide residents with a mechanism to voice their comments/concerns about policing in Fairhope. Press: "Its an excellent tool to prevent issues from festering. It provides the public a direct response from the police, rather than hearsay. Anyone can come before the CAC with issues about anything relating to police business. This might be traffic, illegal vendors, suspected criminal activity, noise, graffiti, or zoning violations, et al." The Public is encouraged to attend the first meeting: Tuesday, September 8th at 6PM (Nix Senior Center).


Anonymous said...

I think most of Fairhope citizens just want honesty and integrity brought back to the Police Dept.

Anonymous said...

Honesty and Integrity? That is what you are getting already, now let them work!! I was recently alone in a single car collision (no I was not drunk)I was treated so well by the Fairhope Police Officers and the Paramedics, I was not so afraid and did not feel so alone. you do not know how much that means to you until it acctually happens to you. I also recently witnessed an accident,people were injured and I was so amazed how the officers were there first, one blocked the road and the other officer RAN to the injured,knowing they have to wait on the paramedics,I heard as I watched he was talking with the injured to let them know everything is going to be OK..
My suggestion to you Chief Press, get out there.
Your officers do a great job..See for yourself.
You are in a small town that likes to talk and I promise you 75% of what you "hear" is not going to be actuality!!

Dr.Know said...

The problem's never been the officers: its certain politicians and others higher up seeking personal favors/selectively enforce laws/look the other way at times.

Let's hope the new Chief can "just say no." Restore law and order.

Anonymous said...

The good ole boys aren't going to give up without a fight!

Anonymous said...

How many of us in our great little city of Fairhope don't make it a habit to lock our doors or sleep with the windows wide open?
Maybe we feel safe, maybe we trust our police officers. There is all kinds of ways to say great things about the Fairhope Police Department, but for some reason people always want to concentrate on the bad and that is all that is reported. Chief Press you may have a bad few apples, please don't let the good ones suffer.. Take care of your dedicated officers and be done with the bad, it happens everyday in the workplace.. I really would hate for the good ones to get frustrated with all this going on and relocate out of Fairhope, if that becomes the case all you will have is "bad apples"!!! Money I'm sure is good for the officers but in the long run happiness means alot more..Good luck with your new wonderful city of Fairhope, all I ask is please do right by the ones who have done this city right..THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

one of the few bad apples retired. but why is Greg Mims driving a Fairhope Police car and especially home every night to Orange Beach. it was purchased for a police officer.

Mr.Tee_5764 said...

Its time for everyone to let go of the past and help our new Chief succeed: its a big adjustment for him too and he's only human (bound to make some mistakes).

We've all had to adjust to new bosses in our lives: it's not easy sometimes--just one of those things that has to be done from time to time.

TheBerrys said...

yea. Talk about culture shock: moving from Miami to Fairhope!

Anonymous said...

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