Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Councilmember Quinn: Support Our Police Department

Councilmember Debbie Quinn made these remarks during a discussion of proposed changes to the city's funeral escort policy.
Quinn: "Mayor and Council ought to support our Police Chief . . . if we got sued right now . . . could cost us millions . . . imperative we give all our supervisors ability to do the job . . . shouldn't micro-manage (them)."
"(Chief Press) offered 2 cars as a compromise . . . appreciate him being there for his men and our public."


Police Supporter said...

She's right. All this trivial stuff is damaging morale, putting public safety at risk.

Who knows more about police work anyway, the Mayor with his gardening degree or Chief Press with his Master's in Public Safety.

Politician's pandering to voters (Kant, Ford), more concerned about their own political careers than the overall welfare of the city, are what's wrong with America--bad leaders! :(

[The local media/radio station whose main sponsor is the funeral home, isn't helping either (self-serving).]

Anonymous said...

I think we all should support our po0lice, whether we like him personally or not