Monday, May 17, 2010

County Commission Candidate's Contributions: Place 2 David Bishop

Bishop is seeking re-election to a third term.
[See prior contributions here.]
Notable contributions:
1) Alabama Hot Mix Inc. A Summerdale bases asphalt paving company. $250.
2) Eastern Shore Enterprises. A Daphne (truck) parts supply company. $250.
3) Amons & Blackmon Construction. A Spanish Fort construction/roadbuilding company. $300.
4) Hatch, Mott & Mac Donald Inc. A Daphne based engineering firm. $200.
5) Hix & Snedeker LLC. A Daphne Law Firm. Snedeker is also the current Fairhope Municipal Judge. $250.
6) Joe Bonner. The Mayor of the City of Spanish Fort. $250.
7) DVA/HC PAC. A construction company's (Volkert & Ass.) Political Action Committee. $500
8) Volkert & Associates Inc. A Mobile based construction/engineering company. (see #7) $500.
9) Arthur Tonsmeire. A Pensacola real estate company owner. $200.
10) Goodwyn, Mills & Caywood PAC (GMC). A Montgomery based political action committee supporting economic growth. $250.
Bishop is seeking re-election to a third term.


Anonymous said...

Follow the money!!

Anonymous said...

I did, and I found a curious PAC contribution made after Mr. Bishop had conceded the election back in 07 for state senate... Hmm care to explain the Franklin PAC contribution of $2,500?

Do a search of Franklin PAC from the same time period and look at who their other contributions were towards... Senator Bedford and Larry Langford. Now explain why you would take $2,500 from a PAC that donated to Mr. Langford (Man he won alot at victory Land) and Roger Bedford (didn't he have something to do with Gambling Legislation this year) ?

Seems to me you have some explaining to do Mr. Bishop. I guess that's your solution to the oil problem? Make Gulf Shores the next Biloxi? NO THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Why did we need a 4.8 Million dollar expansion in Fairhope again? I wonder if the designing firm contributed to your campaign???

And what's with the Volkert connection? Publix anyone? I also wonder about the more recent contributions from 83 LLC and Placid LLC!?! I find that rather interesting timing coming from the registered agent. Makes me wonder if the retelling of a contempt of court charge has changed?

Just explain those few little tidbits and I'll consider voting for you.

We need our investigative reporters to step up to the plate, and check into these things!