Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Financial Committee Not Getting Truth From Mayor/Dept. Heads

At yesterday's Financial Committee meeting (May 17th), some Committee members complained they weren't getting an accurate enough picture of city finances from the Mayor's Office--or from his Department Heads--on which to base their financial decisions in the best interest of the city.
Member Kingrea: ". . . its absolutely outrageous, what I just heard . . . all we're asking for is the unvarnished truth."
Member Kingrea: "If we don't get it . . . (we) need to do whatever we need to do."
Member Stankoski: "If that's a motion, I'll second it."
Some Dept. Heads/employees reportedly fear "retribution" by the Mayor.
[Publisher's note: Under certain conditions a City Council may ask the State Attorney General's Office to audit city finances]


Anonymous said...

Way to tell it like it is, Ricky baby!! He's no wimp.

Anonymous said...

I like the attitude of this council regarding the "truth" relative to finances....problem is even when this Financial Committee makes recommendation, Council ignores. So what difference does it make, unless council just wants to ensure they have more taxpayer funds to spend?
Many of us have asked for years for the State to come in and perform an audit....fell on deaf ears....why now all of a sudden? We even asked for it before the sales tax was implemented and rumors are it may be increased to cover the spending spree the city continues to be one has money but the government and that's because they seal it from the ones who don't have government jobs....pretty soon, we'll be gone, guess the city will have to buy their own printing press, work that into the budget....