Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Library's Expansion Plans Dashed

The plans recently announced by staff to expand into the upstairs space were disappointed when it was learned that Faulkner College had exercised its option to rent the 2nd floor space for another 3 years.
According to several sources close to the situation, the Mayor "neglected" to inform the
Library Board/staff in a timely manner that he had signed the new lease last December.
Library Board Member Stankoski: "It was a lack of communication."
Media reports 3 years ago
said Faulkner intended to lease the space only until their new Allied Health Sciences Building (now almost finished) was completed.
It remains unclear what the college intends to do with the rented library space.
(Publisher's Note: The Library Board and Mayor have had a sometimes rocky relationship since he refused to sign the construction contract for the new library building back in 2005)

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Anonymous said...

Its just our Mayor playing chjildish games again. When will this guy grow up?