Monday, December 3, 2012

Community Park Lease Renewal Being Negotiated.

Fairhope, Alabama


Mayor Kant told the city council recently that the Baldwin School Board has agreed to conditionally renew a 20 year lease for the community park land on Church St. The county owns the land but volunteers built the structures there in 1997, and the city maintains them (The city's original 15 year lease ran out earlier this year).

Kant: "They've agreed to a (new) 20 year lease ... but want some things in return ... fencing, security, how late it stays open ... they're worried about vandalism ...  and stuff going on in the park that shouldn't (be) ... after dark."

"Everything looks promising ... we will be bringing that to you (council) at a later date."

After receiving a safety inspector's report last August, the city has been extensively upgrading the wooden playgrounds there.

Kant later told the Times he has initiated preliminary discussions about leasing the old K-1 School across Church St., possibly to be used someday as a Performing Arts Center -- but added that he was told by Baldwin School Superintendent Alan Lee the School Board may decide instead to use the facility someday themselves (school-related use).


Anonymous said...

how much is the lease every month.

Anonymous said...

I hope we get a CITY school system soon!