Friday, January 11, 2013

New Police Review Official Appointed

Fairhope, Alabama

REVIEWS CHIEF'S DISCIPLINARY DECISIONS                                                                              

The city council appointed retired Baldwin County Sheriff's Deputy Wayne Gandy (click) to replace Mobile Deputy Chief James Barber as disciplinary Review Officer for the police department. Barber was selected to serve in that capacity by former Chief Press and the mayor in 2011 (click) after Municipal Judge Haymes Snedeker stepped down.

Chief Petties said after reviewing "how things had been done in the past" (and after consulting with the mayor) he had selected Gandy over one other candidate he had considered.

Petties said Gandy had worked for the Fairhope PD for 8 years (in the 1970s) -- and he told him he was "overjoyed" to serve the city once again. Petties said he also talked with Chief Barber, and it was his (Barber's) understanding he was appointed on a temporary basis -- and was happy to be relieved.

Concil President Burrell said he had some recommendations from the Sheriff's Dept. speaking very highly of Gandy -- and was also told Barber would be relieved to give up the position.

Petties said Gandy lives within walking distance of the police station and called him an "honest man" who "takes his job to heart."

Petties : "He would be a perfect person for this job ... if needed."

The Review Officer reviews the circumstances of each case -- and makes his own independent decisions which may or may not agree with the chief's. The officer involved may then appeal the decisions to the Personnel Board and eventually to the state circuit court if they so desire.

Gandy served for a total of 38 years in law enforcement, according to published reports.


Anonymous said...

Good man, good choice.

Anonymous said...

Another "yes person" to the King. The pay of all employees and raises should be posted on the City's Website......

Publisher said...

The Review Official is a volunteer position, serves without pay.

Anonymous said...

We know what kind of pay itis involved here!!!! Get yo friends out of jail.