Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marina Channel Filling With Sand

Fairhope, Alabama


The channel leading to the Fly Creek marina is rapidly being choked off by sand; but the Army Corp of Engineers has no money appropriated to dredge it. It was last dredged about five years ago but  movement of sand in the bay from the north has partially pinched off  the channel.

City councilman Kevin Boone is encouraging all boat owners to contact U.S. Congressmen and Senators to help get money appropriated for the purpose.


Also, a seafood market business is considering leasing a vacant building the city owns at the end of Sea Cliff Dr. to process/ sell seafood -- as an alternative to the nearest such processing facility in Bon Secour.

Boone: "They want to sell shrimp, fish, crab, crawfish ... a family owned business ... Chick Henry and son Donnie ... are trying to put this together... ."

The council would have to approve the lease.


Anonymous said...

Why should the citizens pay for a private things ??Three Marinas need to cough up the cash....

Anonymous said...

Leasing the building would bring money in for the city.

Anonymous said...

Would somebody please get their names right? It is Chip & Tommy.