Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sidewalk To Walmart Approved

Fairhope, Alabama


At its October meeting, the Planning Commission approved a 1,700 ft sidewalk along the south side of Fairhope Ave. from Idlewild Dr. to Hwy 181. Once finalized by the city council, the project is to be entirely funded by the Single Tax Corporation (cost yet to be determined). Preble-Risch Llc. is the engineer of record. Construction could begin by mid 2014.

During the discussion it was also announced that Fairhope Ave. is scheduled to be resurfaced next year (out to Hwy 181) using the final round of state ATRIP grant funds; and the city's compete street policy (bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, etc.) will be a consideration. (Eventual widening of the entire roadway was also discussed.)

(Another project to widen the roadway in the vicinity of Ruby Tuesday/Piggly Wiggly is about to begin as well.)


The commission also gave the final go-ahead (11.52.11 review) of the plans for the Fairhope Aviation Academy at the airport.

Charlie Basset and Chuck Zunk of the Airport Authority said preliminary construction had already begun and more than just aviation-related skills will be taught there: the welding technology program would benefit local shipbuilding industries as well (BAE).


The commission voted to require that new power transmission lines to be installed along east Manley Rd. by Riviera Utilities be underground -- and decided to delay election of new commission officers until the next meeting.


Anonymous said...

Fairhope Ave. needs to be widened all the way and somethng needs to be done about the Bishop Rd. intersection. When will they wake up?

Anonymous said...

They don't want to wake up. The county was starting to talk about adding a turn lane on CR 13 at the Magnolia Commons entrance due to the building volume (because of the house construction). The city wants to maintain the feel of a small town (which is good, except the town grows when you approve multiple new neighborhoods). Thus, the city thought it would be better to take over maintaining that portion of CR 13 to avoid having a turn lane added there. So, traffic backups and increased dangers pulling onto/off of CR 13 is better than adding a simple turn lane apparently.

Anonymous said...

Wal mart's single tax rent should pay for it