Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Council Rejects Soccer Complex Plan

Fairhope, Alabama


Responding to the complaints of Summer Lake neighborhood residents about more traffic through their subdivision and on Manley Rd., the city council voted unanimously (Mueller was absent)  to reject the plan previously submitted by the Recreation Board -- and approved by the Planning Commission last week.

The council passed a resolution directing the engineer (Preble-Rish) to move the entrances to the park from Manley to CR13 -- while maintaining all components of the original proposal (10 fields).

The new proposal is to be ready to present to the Planning Commission by is next meeting, Dec. 2nd.


According to the engineer, moving the entrances could cost considerably more, because of different drainage-infrastructure requirements ("underground" retention) and other improvements that may be needed to CR13 (ie. a traffic study and adding a turning lane). The city may also have to take over the maintenance of that section of road.

Acquiring an additional 10 acres of adjacent property may be an option as well, to provide for surface retention ponds at reduced costs and maintain the character of the project.


Anonymous said...

Hope they can keep the people happy. More than you can say about that stupid flower clock that is going to draw so many tourist.

Anonymous said...

Buy more property...........follow the money. Flower awesome!!

little billy said...

More fields will be good for tourism ... sports tourism that is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and just where are all these sports tourist suppose to stay and be entertained between playoffs - the flower clock? Maybe they can go hang out at that junk yard of a gas station right in the middle of downtown. Goober and Gomer kept theirs up better than this guy.