Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Updated: Flower Clock Project To Begin

Fairhope, Alabama

Construction of a flower clock on the hillside at the intersection of N. Section St. and Hwy 104 will begin shortly; it's design will be based on the city's downtown clock.

The 30' diameter clock is a joint project of the city and the Committee on Public Art (click).

A small parking area will also be constructed on Section St.

The project should be completed within 6 weeks.


Committee on Public Art Chairman Clay Swanzy issued a statement a few days after this article was posted:


            The City of Fairhope has begun construction on a joint venture flower clock
to be installed on the southeast slope of city-owned property at County Road 104 and North Section Street next to Saint James Episcopal Church.

                Partnering with the Committee On Public Art (COPA), a division of the Eastern Shore Art Association, the city is providing the construction and plantings under the supervision of Public Works Director Jennifer Fidler, and COPA has purchased the clock mechanism and hands and has provided designs by three landscape architects, all of Fairhope.

                The original design (pictured here) chosen by Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant  is by Paul Fontenot of Garden Design Solutions, Inc. (GDSI).  Other designs, which may be used in the future, were provided by Joe Comer of Espalier Landscape Architecture, and Coleman Mills of wmCMstudio.

                The hands and clock mechanism are from Elderhorst Bells of Palm, PA.  The hands are made of heavy aluminum.  The overall design will be 30 feet in diameter.

                The flower clock idea was first proposed by Mayor Kant who said it has been on his
wish list for many years.  The idea was one of several project suggestions considered by COPA from monies raised from its Jumpin’ Jubilee public art project and auction in 2011.

                Fidler said the city will also provide sidewalks and parking spaces to enhance the area.  The City Council approved COPA’s flower clock proposal at a March meeting with Council President Jack Burrell and Council members Diana Brewer, Rich Mueller, Mike Ford and Kevin Boone all voting in favor.

                “The flower clock is unique for the Mobile Bay area and will provide an inviting and visually- attractive gateway to our city.  We want it to be a source of pride for our citizens
and a point of interest to our visitors.  It also is another means by which art is brought
to all citizens, especially those who have not yet joined our art center or taken advantage of our many sources of art offered in our area,” said Clay Swanzy, Chairman of COPA.  Larry Sims is chairman of COPA’s Flower Clock Subcommittee and COPA founder Jolane Edwards is co-chair.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait. So excited! Yeah - Right. Biggest waste of money I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

So glad there will be parking to accommodate the tourists who will be flocking to see Fairhope's flower clock.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Our city officials should be ashamed of themselves for wasting money on this crap.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the whole clock thing. Why not just plant flowers and do other landscaping? I think people would be pretty happy with that. I'm not really complaining, it just seems like more effort than necessary. I'll withhold judgment till I see it. Maybe a flower clock is what my life was lacking.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that King Kant and public works director Fidler are finally starting this project. This needs to be completed before the King and his court (aka the Council) spend all the reserves. At least the deer that hangout here will have more to eat.

little billy said...

It is a good idea, as another tourist attraction. Its done in many towns. I'm sure the mayor and public works director will do it well, as always ...

Anonymous said...

Since you are the expert, please name five towns that have a flower clock and quantify the revenue produced by the venue from tourist dollars. GO!

Anonymous said...

They were out there yesterday. They didn't seem to know what they were doing. A lot of standing around.

Anonymous said...

Little Billy, please go back to work and stop worrying about not having city provided dental insurance. Great job i.e. death at solid waste dump, trees cut down on Hwy 98, flowers bought from Europe, sewer dumped in the bay, large tree cut down in front of museum, fired cops rehired, illegal dumping behind the public works warehouse, spending the city's reserves like drunkin sailors, millions in lawsuits, the mayors trips where he stays in 400.00 dollar per night rooms...other than that everything is great. No we know what "doing it well, as always" means. Bring on the clock...

Anonymous said...

He is probably the mayor's buddy that runs that junk yard in town right across from our beautiful library. You know - the one that had a campaign thing for Mr. Kant.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Jesus saves! Pray for Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

Little Anonymous, I,m pretty sure this new public art display will generate more tourist $$$ than
A book about the Flora Bama!