Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Neighbors Object To Soccer Complex Plan

Fairhope, Alabama


Yesterday, a number of Summer Lake subdivision residents told the Planning Commission they objected to the traffic-plan for the city's new $2 million, 10 field  soccer complex on Manley Rd. (@CR13) --- because it would increase traffic through their neighborhood and endanger their children (about 84). The vacant land was purchased in 2009 for $875K (click).

Parking for 734 cars is provided in the plan that was approved by the city's Recreation Board.

Most said they supported more soccer fields there though, although at least one has concerns about the close proximity of the police firing range across CR13 (the range points in the opposite direction).

Summer Lake resident James Dorgan said the "devil is in the details" -- and hoped a compromise could be worked out. He wanted the entrances moved to CR13.

Dorgan: "We love the soccer community ... we're for this ... just asking to modify ... ."

According to the complainants, the plan, called Option One, would have 3 entrances immediately opposite the 3 existing street entrances to their subdivision off Manley, increasing speeding cut-through traffic to Twin Beech Rd.

Three alternatives were suggested by the citizens:

1) Rotate the plan 90 degrees so all entrances would be on
 CR 13.

2) Rotate the plan 180 degrees and build a new access road on the south side of the property.

3) Keep the access on Manley, but offset the entrances so they don't align with the Summer Lakes entrances.

Rotating 90 degrees would require elimination of 2 of the fields; 180 degrees would significantly increase cost and reduce parking; and re-aligning the Manley entrances would cause more traffic congestion on that road, according to the Engineer, Preble-Risch Llc.

(Entrances on CR13 instead could require expensive turning lanes as well, according to the mayor.)

(About an equal number of citizens spoke in favor of the complex, citing a dire need for more fields)


After the public hearing, the Planning Commissioners present voted unanimously (Kant, Fidler, Clark, Turner, Charles, Brewer, Roberbs) to approve the original plan recommended by the city's Recreation Board (Option One) intact, but noted that the city council must still approve it.

(The city council had also given tentative approval at a prior work session.)


Mayor Kant voted for the un-modified plan in his capacity as Planning Commissioner; but said the council possibly could decide to eliminate two of the Manley entrances as a compromise; making them pedestrian only. (Keeping only one main entrance.)

Kant said the matter will be on the agenda for this Monday's council meeting.


Anonymous said...

Wow Mom, I want to go play my soccer playoff in Fairhope - I mean WOW, they have a neat flower clock and flower beds all through the city, and Wow, I just don't know what else. Of course, they don't have too many hotels for us to stay in, and well, as far as entertainment, I guess we COULD go down and walk on the pier., but I understand the duck pond closes at dark, but what the heck, let's go to Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

That's silly ....

Anonymous said...

Silly? I don't think so. It's the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad we have King Kant for three more years. He is a awesome King. Please hurry and build the flower clock while we have money in reserves....

Anonymous said...

Please rebuild the playground before the flower clock. It is about the only thing for kids to do around here, and I'm talking the under 12 crowd. Poor teenagers have NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Teenagers have the parking garage they skateboard through & I get to avoid hitting them with my car. The flower clock is the biggest joke & waste of money. That's all we need: tourists standing in the street taking pictures of that absurdity & cars dodging the tourists (at an intersection I have seen too many wrecks)

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whiners!

Anonymous said...

Mommy, Mommy, they wouldn't let me be Mayor, so I'm going to kick dirt on everything
the City does! Mommy, Mommy, I don't want to put on my big boy pants and move
on! No Mommy, it's not silly, it's the truth and this truth will hurt until they (15,000)
let me have my way!