Saturday, December 14, 2013

East Morphy Ave. Sidewalk Planned

Fairhope, Alabama


Larry Thomas of the Single Tax Corporation told the city council that organization plans to provide funding for  a sidewalk down Morphy Ave. from Greeno to Thompson Hall Rd. as its next project.

Thomas: "We think we'll be able to do it ... a lot of lots (land) out there ... soon to be residential units ... ."


Earlier, Public Works Director Fidler said only one company submitted a bid recently for the proposed 1,600' east Fairhope Ave. sidewalk (from Idlewild to Hwy 181) -- and was directed by the mayor/council to repeat the process to encourage more participation.

The STC is providing funding as well.


Thomas also officially turned over the "deed" for the completed  Troyer-Boothe Rd. to the city for continuing maintenance.

Thomas said the new road was already helping to keep traffic in the area off of Greeno Rd. -- especially the school buses.

Originally formed in the late 1800's as a demonstration of Henry George's 'single tax theory', the  STC has evolved over the years into a 501(c)4 tax-exempt, social welfare organization, funded by land rent charged to its lessees.

In 2011, the corporation showed net income of $536,474, with assets of $6,344,148.

Roughly half of the land within city is owned by the Corporation.


Robert said...

truth is, The original Single Taxers were socialists and communists ...

Anonymous said...

so? they left us magnificent park lands.

Anonymous said...

They were socialistic with common ownership of land. They were not communists. They were VERY capitalistic in the belief of keeping what you earned-hence the name Single Tax (land only.) Now they and the city are both more socialistic and fascist-like, respectively.

Anonymous said...

FSTC was to serve lessees. Now the lessees get no say. Larry Thomas and FSTC took away bayfront park this year and turned it over to private use. Larry Thomas has given himself over $1.3 million in contracts paid for by FSTC with no competitive bidding. FSTC was supposed to benefit lessees who paid the rents. They even lie to lessees as to what the leasehold value is, taking money from lessees in condemnation cases when they know the amount they are demanding from lessees is much more than courts would allow. FSTC today is far from its roots, primarily benefiting Council members to detriment of lessees. Larry Thomas thinks lessees should never get a say but lease says rents to benefit lessees