Thursday, December 26, 2013

Horror Movie Filming Wraps Up

Fairhope, Alabama


Director Mike Flanagan posted these images and comments to his facebook page after completing work on the movie, to be released in 2015.

Parts were filmed at the K-1 School, Public Works Pecan St. Warehouse and elsewhere around town.

"Cannot properly express my gratitude to the cast and crew of SOMNIA. What an experience. Thank you Trevor Macy, Scott LumpkinMali Elfman for making this a reality. And to Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Jacob Tremblay, Dash Mihok, and Annabeth Gish for bringing the script to life. 

What an amazing time with an amazing crew. Will be sorry to leave Fairhope behind."

(The movie is about "an orphaned child whose dreams and nightmares manifest physically as he sleeps.")

Police Chief Petties told the Times recently there were no incidents associated with the filming.


Robert said...

In-somnia for the kids if they go see it. R rated?

Anonymous said...

I just wish the horror of Kant, Fidler and Sligh would end!! Where has the surplus gone?