Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ice Storm Slams Fairhope

Fairhope, Alabama


With the exception of Walmart, Winter Storm Leon closed down virtually all other businesses in town this morning, leaving downtown deserted -- except by city workers spreading sand on slick streets and sidewalks.

The pier parks remained closed as did several hilly roads around town, including Section St. and Bancroft north of Oak.

Stretches of Veterans Drive and the nearby hills on Greeno Rd. were still especially slick.

There will be no garbage, trash or recycling pickup today or tomorrow, according to city officials.


There were no major electrical problems last night, only brief outages in the Fruit n' Nut and River Oaks neighborhoods; there have been no other issues since.

Superintendent Sligh said damage was limited probably because sleet started falling around sunset instead of freezing rain; sleet won't accumulate on trees and power lines like rain.


Anonymous said...

I slid sideways going down the hill on Magnolia this morning. :(

Anonymous said...

I am very grateful to Mayor Kant and all of his proficient staff and managers for the wonderful job they did, keeping us safe and warm. The bloggers that regularly use this sight to make sarcastic remarks about our very popular mayor ("King Kant") and equally popular City Council need to understand that this is why the rest of us are so glad to live here.