Monday, February 17, 2014

Improvements To City's Marina Proposed

Fairhope, Alabama


Because it may be beyond economical repair, the city council may consider demolishing the vacant city-owned 'Ice House' in the public marina on the north and west side of Fly Creek -- at the end of Sea Cliff Dr.

The issue was one item on a draft list of priorities from the city's Harbor Board mentioned at the last council work-session.

Building Inspector Eric Cortinas said there have been 3 or 4 inquiries about renting the facility over the past 5 years; but the building's age and elevation below the current FEMA flood plain maps have become problematic.

Cortinas: "You can only refurbish so much before you have to elevate the whole thing ... 2 to 3 feet ... very costly."

Another option would be to tear it down and rebuild at a higher elevation.

Councilman and Board member Boone said the committee thought it should be demolished.

Upgrades to the bumpy parking areas were also discussed (gravel vs. asphalt).


Another issue mentioned was exposed electrical wiring leading to the two  marine fuel pumps on property leased to Eastern Shore Marine Co.

Inspector Cortinas said the business had been put on notice that the wiring needed to be fixed as soon as possible.

Councilman Boone called it a "dangerous situation."


The Board also felt that instead of going into the city's general fund, money from leasing stall spaces to boats docked there (a total of about $50K per year according to the mayor) should be routed back to make needed improvements at the marina instead.

Boone: "Seems senseless to charge rent ... and not put it back where the money is coming from ... ."

The amount charged for the leases and their duration needed to be reviewed as well -- since they have remained unchanged for some time.

Councilman Burrell suggested an annual lease may be more appropriate.


Boone added that boat touring is becoming more popular ("Loopers") -- and sprucing up the marina area may be beneficial to the city by attracting business from  Dog River marinas in Mobile and elsewhere.

Mayor Kant said the Harbor Board was adding new members and reorganizing -- and had divided into sub-committees to study the issues and make final recommendations, possibly by its March meeting.


Pauline said...

All those clean up ideas are great. I loved it when we could buy fresh seafood there. It would be nice if new building could include farmer's market and fish house. All the clean up ideas are totally necessary. This is an under-utilized Jewell

Anonymous said...

maybe build a gazebo there. something about the history of the creek.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The citys fire inspectorr should have caught that electrical problem long ago.

Anonymous said...

Take one of the boat slips and add a public boat launch. Pier St. is very dangerous when the wind is coming out of the west when people are trying to take out in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Your absolutely on target. This area of Fly Creek has historically been the working fisherman's harbor and needs to remain so. The shrimpers are what keep this area commercially viable and access into/out of the creek eligible for govt. dredging. Live bait and fresh fish would go fiscally gangbusters down there. It is indeed a gem.