Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Library To Get Macs

Fairhope, Alabama


At its last meeting, Director Tamara Dean told the city's Library Board she plans to use funds raised by the Friends of the Library (click) to purchase new computers for the computer lab.

(The Friends of the Fairhope Library is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation and in 2012 had $53,967 in revenue vs. $55,369 expenses -- according to public records. Most of its revenue is from the sale of used books.)

Dean said she has ordered ten PCs and five Imacs for the computer lab, and plans to start offering new instructional classes for the Macs' OSX operating system.

Dean: "I'm very excited about this ... ."

She said one new touchscreen PC will also be bought for the teen area; and some older computers removed to allow for more room for laptop computers which are becoming more popular.

Eventually the public access computers will be replaced and she wants to "put some Macs out there also."

Most of the library's computers are 7 - 8 years old.


Dean said the city's building inspector, Eric Cortinas,  is still looking into chronic problems with the building's air conditioning system and possible roof leaks; funding the replacement of slick-when-wet slate floor tiles at the building's south entrance is also under consideration.

Library Board members are:

Martin Lanaux, Chairman
Cecil Christenberry
Carson Nicholson
Molly Peterson
Freda Ward
Tamara Dean, Library Director
Diana Brewer, City Council Memeber

The 7 member Library Board was established by city ordinance and its meetings are open to the public (third Monday of every month in the upstairs conference room).


* E-magazines are now available for checkout using Zinio (click).

* Movies of Shakespeare's plays will be shown weekly in April (Thursdays,1PM, Gideon's room) to
   honor his 450th birthday.

* A Beatles Tribute (movies) will be held in May.

* The annual Hoot Scoot fundraiser run will be held April 25th (click).

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