Monday, May 26, 2014

College Frisbee Tournament Coming to Town?

Fairhope, Alabama

"Ultimate" Frisbee

At its May meeting, Recreation Board members heard an informal proposal from the Spring Hill College Ultimate Frisbee Club (click) -- to hold an Ultimate Frisbee Championship (click) tournament, College Divisions I and III, in Fairhope this Fall on Oct. 4th and 5th.

(This is a team sport, not related to popular disc golf.)

If approved by the city council, it will be a 2 day tournament with 27 teams from the SEC and other schools competing; using fields at Founders Park, the stadium, and fields behind the high school. (Each team has 15-20 players)

During the discussion, the main concern was that several other events are scheduled for the same weekend, Grand Festival of Art, Birdfest, Mullet Run, and adequate hotel space may not be available for contestants; but it was decided that was not a major factor since rooms were apparently already being reserved for the event -- and surplus hotel space is available in adjacent towns anyway.

They decided it would be a good way to promote the city's sports facilities and bring in tax revenue for the city as well.

The Board passed a motion to support the tournament (in lieu of a formal request from the group), waiving the usual field rental fees ($50/day) but not the $300 maintenance fee because city staff will be required to set up the fields.
Fairhope Recreation Board

The city council will hear the recommendation at an upcoming work-session and give its direction.

The game was invented in the late 1960s according to Wikipedia:

"Ultimate is a sport played with a disc (frisbee). Points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing end zone. Other basic rules are that players must not take steps while holding the disc (maintain a pivot), and interceptions and incomplete passes are turnovers. At peak play there is a higher cooperation within the striving competition. Rain, wind, or occasionally other adversities can make for a testing match, with rapid turnovers, heightening the pressure of play."


Soccer Complex

Soccer Complex Site
Community Affairs Director Sullivan told the Board that the proposed ten-field Manley Road Soccer Complex construction contract should be awarded sometime in July, and construction could finally begin in November.

She said Board member Bob Keyser (also affiliated with the Fairhope Soccer League) had been reviewing the plans and bid specs with the city for the past 2 months; and there is a pre-bid meeting scheduled for June 13th on the site.

A request for bids will then have to be advertised for about a month.

Keyser advised "not to rush it" because "cost is going to be an issue"; and "chances of getting a sharp pencil" are greater if the contractors are given more time to respond.

Sullivan said the project was delayed when the configuration of the fields was changed by the city council, to put the main entrance on CR 13 instead of Manley Rd.

(Originally, the complex was to be completed by this November. Both Mayor Kant and Council President Burrell have insisted it remain within its $2 million budget.)

Community Park
Fairhoper's Community Park

Construction of the new Fairhoper's Community Park playground is now scheduled to begin by June 2nd, according to Sullivan -- with completion hopefully by about August 1st.

There was a meeting on the site two weeks ago with contractors and "site prep" work should begin this week. Electric Supervisor Sligh is helping with the project, since Public Works has been tied up with storm damage issues.

The new park was originally expected to be completed by early June.

(According to informed sources, the delay was caused by a contractor's internal personnel issues.)


The Recreation Board also:

* Heard a report that bicycles on the walking track were becoming a problem at Stimpson Field park.

* Heard an update on a new franchise agreement for the tennis instructor.

* Heard that the Rotary Club was seeking to donate about $10K, possibly for concession stand repairs.

* Continued discussing long range plans.

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