Wednesday, May 14, 2014

County Commission Candidate Forum Canceled

Fairhope, Alabama


A forum last night at the Methodist Church in Daphne for candidates for Baldwin County Commission had to be canceled when only 3 citizens showed up for the event.

The event was sponsored by the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce.

District 2 Commissioner Bob James said he "hoped people would remember there is an election" on June 3rd.

Incumbent James thought that the apparent disinterest may indicate satisfaction with the status quo; others there (organizers, family) speculated that a lack of publicity for the event contributed to the poor turnout.


Anonymous said...

Baldwin county is full of low information voters. Here's your sign.

Anonymous said...

The good ole boys in Bay Mineette are out for Bob's head ....

Anonymous said...

He needs to close to Kant!!

Anonymous said...

The reason why no one showed is that the new outlets never announce the event until after the event.Baldwin county residence also understand that nothing will change.The old boys always get reelected.

Anonymous said...

not a great choice, a good old boys club , why dont pretty women run?