Thursday, May 1, 2014

County Park Damaged By Flood

Fairhope, Alabama


The county's Bohemian Park along the Fish River east of town on CR 48 was significantly damaged by yesterday's rainstorm: some reports say it was submerged by over 5 feet of water at one point.


Patlynn Dr. in the Volanta gully drainage basin was damaged when water over-topped the road at a low point -- as did Quail Creek in that east Fairhope subdivision;  a house nearby may have suffered water damaged, based upon the discarded wet carpet.

A tree had fallen across a house on Ingleside Dr.

Street damage overall seemed relatively limited, considering the second "100 year flood" this month. . .

Bohemian Park

Patylnn Dr.

Ingleside Dr

Quail Creek


Anonymous said...

That tree on Ingleside has been laying on that roof for months.

Anonymous said...

Why hasent it been removed yet?

Anonymous said...

House is vacant, went into foreclosure years ago.

Anonymous said...

Call Fidler...she will handle it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think that the park on Cty Road 48 belonged to the City but to the County. Either way it floods every time it rains no matter what