Saturday, May 10, 2014

What Is Your "Vision" For Fairhope's Future?

Fairhope, Alabama


As part of the new Strategic Planning process now underway, all citizens are being asked to complete a questionnaire (click here) and return it to the facilitator by May 14th -- or bring it to a public meeting to be held at the Civic Center on May 21st, from 8:30am to 3:30pm.

This will begin Phase II of the 2 year ACE process begun by the City Council last Summer:

"The first phase in the process has been completed and the next step in the process focuses on leadership development and strategic planning. During Phase II each community must establish a leadership development program and prepare an up-to-date strategic plan. Once a community successfully completes Phase II it is declared to be an Alabama Communities of Excellence Developmental Community and is invited to move into Phase III." 

Questions include your vision for Fairhope's future and what you see as biggest threats (concerns, problems) to it.

Some city officials often (privately) lament the usually-low rate of citizen involvement in city planning -- vs. the large number of complaints made later, when it is too late.

Often only those with a direct financial stake show up (Realtors, developers, contractors, engineering firms, Chamber of Commerce ... .).

Some citizens have objected to a previous invitation-only ACE meeting at the Civic Center, last Fall.

[The city's Comprehensive Growth Plan is also under review. Some of those involved are advocating for replacement of the current "Village Plan" with something more development-friendly.)]


"An initial meeting to begin Phase II will be held on Wednesday, May 21 st from 8:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the Fairhope Civic Center and will be facilitated by Economic and Community Development specialist Ephraim Stockdale with Alabama Power Company. Participants in this meeting are ask to complete a questionnaire by May 14 th and return to the facilitator . Anyone interested in attending the meeting should contact Sherry Sullivan at 990-0218 to receive a copy of the questionnaire or you may find a copy online on the City website ( ) under the City Government tab and forms.

For more information on the ACE program: or for any additional information call 251-990-0218." 



Anonymous said...

AS long as King Kant is in's all good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Put it back like it was 20 years ago.

Anonymous said...

It didn't involve a Flower Clock. Whoops too late! But thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

We have so missed your very original and amusing "King Kant" & flower clock comments. Is the sarcasm lost? BTW, the flower clock is a beautiful welcome to our city and I don't know of many kings that ask their subjects to set out the future goals of the kingdom. That must mean our mayor and council are the kind of leaders that govern by listening to the people they govern. Aren't you glad we elected them?

Anonymous said...

Let the city progress and abolish the Colony. It's a tired and outdated system that functions about as efficiently as the unions. Also, prevent 181 from becoming the new 98, littered and cluttered with light commercial property and a red-light every 1/4 mile.

Anonymous said...

Several issue regarding Fairhope and it's progress is to 1) elect a progressive honest mayor that doesn't hire all of his personal friends and exclude qualified in hiring and firing.2)Establish a real noise ordinance so that we the TAX paying citizens don't have to listen to the select few businesses that play loud music till midnight when we live 5-6 blocks away.3) remove the city tax that is in violation of the state charter act.The single tax system has an original charter set and established at the start of the colony.4) fully establish city ADA compliance 5) City to become OSHA compliant.5)Hire a real DOT expert to fully establish street compliance with DOT in regards to bike paths making city street proper width. All of the above would be a great start.

Anonymous said...

Set forth a police dept that enforces the law no matter who owns the business downtown.

Anonymous said...

Properly cleaning the drainage ditches to allow the water to run off like it's supposed to would help with the floding in areas that usually don't.Adding sidewalks is great and needed but install with drainage in mind so thenew sidewalks don't fill up the drainage systems.

Anonymous said...

Your arrogance is quite remarkable, which kind of lets us know who you are. You accuse our mayor of dishonesty based on hiring practices of the city. Should only people unknown to the mayor or Council be eligible? In our small town, that would make for a very limited pool of candidates. You want to control the sounds of our city to those you approve of, not those approved by ordinances. You know more than the city, county, state and federal legal officials what is legal, lawful or in compliance. If you think you represent the majority, run for office and correct all of these things you see as wrong.