Monday, June 2, 2014

Big Crowd Turns Out For Election Eve Event

Fairhope, Alabama


Turnout was bigger-than-expected for the forum held this evening at  the Fairhope First Baptist Church -- where Cecil Christenberry and Miranda Schrubbe answered questions from the audience for about an hour and a half.

Kerry Flowers acted as moderator.

In opening statements, political newcomer Schrubbe described herself as a "servant leader" and "a glass half full person"; and Christenberry said "a voice came to me"  to get involved, much like in 1999 when he decided to run for city council. "If not you, who?"

Both said that the motivation came only after a third party they both greatly admired decided not to run for the office (Joe Faust, according to informed sources).

In his usual jovial manner, Christenberry called it a "weird campaign"  with "lots of mudslinging." He said he wanted to give her a hug afterward, "if she lets me."

Many of the issues that came up were addressed previously in interviews (click).


* Both said that while the controversial 'Common Core' curriculum is an important issue, it is matter decided on the state, not local level.

* Both agreed that videoing Board meetings would be a good idea to look into (to be broadcast on cable tv or internet).

* Both agreed more revenue will be needed, possibly in the form of increased property taxes.

* In reference to the current board's usual 5-2 vote split, both indicated they would likely side with the minority.



Anonymous said...

The choice here is very clear. Ms. Schrubbe doesn't hear "voices" and she is a woman of great integrity and insight into our public education system.

Anonymous said...

"He said he wanted to give her a hug afterward, "if she lets me." How condescending Mr. Christenberry! Why don't you just pat her on the head like a dog?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Christenberry has always listened to the people and not voted his personal beliefs. He has the good of Fairhope in mind. He has my vote.

Anonymous said...

aw 'cmon. lighten up ...

Anonymous said...

Its a battle of introvert vs extrovert.

Anonymous said...

It is a battle of integrity and intellect vs. good ole' boy Fairhope politics.
Cecil, did you hear God telling you to run or was it Diana Brewer?