Sunday, July 6, 2014

Drug Abuse City's Biggest Problem

Fairhope, Alabama


At his monthly meeting with citizens at the Nix Center, Chief Petties said the biggest problem facing law enforcement over the past 5 years has been drug and alcohol abuse, especially prescription painkiller drugs, like Lortab, which are easily obtained.

While not a major problem here yet, spice could become an "epidemic" because of its low cost compared to natural marijuana.

Petties said it can produce unusual strength, taking several officers to subdue a suspect: "Its a scary thing ... cheaper than marijuana ... ."

He said his officers are undergoing special training classes on how to deal with individuals with mental health (and drug) issues; he himself  had dealt with the individual who shot Deputy Scot Ward about 3 years ago.

Petties emphasized the need for officers to always be "on guard"  at all times, even with those they think they know well.

He also discussed details of numerous underage drinking arrests at a recent drinking party in Barnwell and three middle school students who brought alcohol to school in a thermos who were arrested before the last term ended.

An Azalea Trail Maid became ineligible when she appeared in a photograph at one such event.


Responding to a question, Petties said citizens need not worry about the homeless lady who has been living on the library campus on-and-off for several years now. He said she has family and a place to stay in Mobile, but apparently chooses to live on the streets of Fairhope because of the "generosity" of citizens here -- and the city's safer environment.

Several church groups and individuals have offered and given assistance as well: housing has been provided but she always returns to the street.

She sometimes speaks to women, but not to men, according to Petties; and she has been "cleaning up" at the Welcome Center restrooms and Methodist Church.

Petties said recent economic hard times have produced more homelessness and described a local "young man" who pitched a tent behind the library last winter. Another older local man died while living in a gully about 3 years ago, after repeatedly refusing help.

No laws are being broken.

The sheriff's department has wanted to set up a county homeless shelter for some time. Petties said.

[Sometimes referred to as Ms. Thomas by others,  her unusually long fingernails can be frightening to young children (according to library patrons).  Christine Walton of Las Vegas, Nevada is the current holder of the record for longest nails (10' 2"), according to the Guinness Book of Records.]


* A community project "Pastors Alliance" has been meeting monthly to find ways to help less fortunate kids (mentoring, fishing trips, etc.)

* Boom boxes in cars are becoming a problem again (loud music).

* Thefts of items, including guns and cell phones, from unlocked cars is on the rise again (Gayfer Ave.).


Anonymous said...

I fully believe in free speech, and I have enjoyed this blog for some time now. However, this post makes me angry. Shame on you for posting a picture of this woman (who obviously didn't know it was being taken) and then making the comment about the longest nails on record. I have seen this woman around town for years, and have never seen her speak, approach, or bother anyone. I understand that children may be scared of her because of her appearance, but I am sure when children see someone morbidly overweight they are scared they might get sat on by that person. They are children, and we forgive them for that. I would think the "news magazine for Fairhope" would use better judgment than this.

Anonymous said...

Your attempt to shame the author of this article for prejudice and disrespect became incredible the moment you attempted to support your argument with prejudice and disrespect toward obese people. Shame on YOU!

Anonymous said...

I am unsure why the first poster was angered by the comment on the record-length nails. Surely, an overwhelming majority of people who encounter this lady notice that her nails are significantly longer than average. In fact, I'd venture to say she has the record in Fairhope! Also, initial poster, my child has never once been scared he would be sat on by a morbidly obese person. And although I've greeted her with kindness and respect, I, on the other hand, have gotten an unavoidable eerie feeling when I crossed paths with Ms. Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Eerie feeling? Maybe she will do some of her black magic voodoo on you. Ridiculous people in Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

Children's reaction to anything stems from the parent and how the parent reacts.

Anonymous said...

Yet, the reason she's in Fairhope is reportedly because that community treats her better than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

I encountered this lady at Dollar General recently. She was in the back of the store bent over somewhat and seemed a little distressed. I asked her if she was OK and she responded politely that she was listening to the radio that was sitting there. I asked her if she wanted me to turn it up for her and she said no. Being the talker that I am,I asked her about her fingernails. She answered all my questions and we parted ways. In my ten plus years living in Fairhope, I had never heard of or encountered this woman before. After seeing and reading this blog about her, boy was I shocked! My son said, "Yes Mom. She is always at the library. Where have you been?"

Anonymous said...

That lady will need a hack saw to trim her nails.

Anonymous said...

It was. shocking to see that someone would post an incredibly. insensitive photo/write up of Ms. Thomas. She is a human being not a side show.
It seems. that the focus should be more on the fact that there is an escalated drug
problem here in Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

So true!

Anonymous said...

Just disgusting. Small town. Small minds. Mind your own business. Leave the woman alone. She does not need the be.

Anonymous said...

WE should build her a house on the flower clock property. Another added attraction,,,,

Myra D said...

Fairhope is full of small minds -- and not what I expected when I moved there from northern Illinois, years in Chicago and a very eclectic suburb, then Memphis. Fairhope's parents point out the faults of everyone while they do drugs and hang out at "swingers' parties" and other events, trying to climb up the "Pink Popularity Ladder" and get "in" with the Judge and his cohorts. Saw it with my own eyes and felt it when I was marked as a "problem" by idiots whom play both sides. Copwatch and Judicial Watch are watching Fairhope!

Anonymous said...

she has some mental issues....

Anonymous said...

what does this lady have to do with subject of article???? Sounds to me like petty SMALL TOWN
gossip, Leave her alone. I bet each one of you are on the front row at church every is about how you treat people!!!

Anonymous said...

The perfect example of smiling to your face and talking about someone when their back is typical Fairhope

Anonymous said...

this article is about drug use , are you saying that she is the problem, or is this just small town gossip of a bunch of hipocrits