Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fairhope Delegation In England For Air Show

Fairhope, Alabama


Mayor Kant and Council President Burrell  have attended the first meeting of the Alabama Delegation at the Farnbourough, England trade and air show.

Burrell said he and the Mayor, along with Mayors Hagood (Daphne) and Konier (Foley), and County Commissioner Dorsey,  were delayed at the Pensacola airport -- and just missed their connecting flight in Atlanta. Burrell said he spent that night in Atlanta -- and finally arrived in England after being rerouted through Boston. (Burrell is traveling with his wife, she at his own expense.)

Hagood and Dorsey made it sooner (minus their luggage), after taking a flight connecting through Paris, France -- and a train to London. There were only two seats available on that flight.
Kant, with Congressman Byrne

Burrell said the Alabama delegation will be having further meetings today, and with aerospace/aviation businesses early in the morning. with meetings planned all day long. (There is a four hour, ahead, time difference compared to Fairhope.)

He said the Baldwin County delegation has its own plan and "will make the most of our time."


Before leaving, Mayor Kant told the Times the cost of the 4-day trip should be about $4,800 each, for transportation and lodging costs. There may also be some more miscellaneous expenses. Much of the food is expected to be provided by vendors. (The travel mix-ups could affect costs as well.)

They hope to make contacts that will bring supporting businesses for Mobile's  new Airbus assembly plant to the Sonny Callahan airport, located on Hwy 32 south of town.

Before leaving, Kant said one major side benefit of such trips is the personal contact and access to officials like the Governor, Congressmen and Senators -- regarding many issues facing the city.

Kant:  "Sometimes, its the only way I can get things done ..."

Kant attended the Paris air show last year.


We will post updates of the trip here, as they come available.


Anonymous said...

Funny.....long live King Kant. You rock. Travel while you can....lap dog the man!!!!!

Pauline said...

Sometimes it takes initiative of the Mayor and Council to go out and contact good businesses that would be good additions to Fairhope and its way of life and economy. I applaud them for trying to make this happen for Fairhope.