Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fairhope Remembers Terrorist Attack

Fairhope, Alabama

Sep. 11, 2014  ceremony
Police Chief Joe Petties and Fire Chris Ellis presided over a brief ceremony this morning outside the police station commemorating the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York city on this day in 2001 (video below).

Petties said that "life changed for everyone on that day"; but he was gratified to see how people "pulled together" in the aftermath.

Petties: " ... first responders ran towards (the burning buildings) ... citizens too ... pitched in to help ...  that's what is great about our country ... all try to stand together ... help when we can .. ."

But one thing is certain: "God never changes ... no matter what transpires ... Heavenly Father will always be the same ... will walk with you the rest of your life ... enable you to live more fully ... as before ... ."

(Petties said that after this ceremony, a tree would be planted in remembrance at the Country Living Assisted Living center on Gayfer Rd. -- see photo below)


Fairhope Police Chaplain Colonel Rick Bradley, a 21-year Navy/Marine veteran,  called attention to the large American flag hanging from a fire truck nearby: " ... to those within the fire-fighting force, police, EMS, first responders ... you may not have gone to Iraq or Afghanistan ... but you stormed the storm (as well) ... as a result many were saved ... ."
Chaplain Bradley

Bradley: "... it is praying time for America ... we need to pray ... need forgiveness ... need healing ... ."

(Some of those present for the ceremony deployed with the 1165th National Guard.)


Mayor Kant told a Times reporter afterward he thought the attack increased the awareness of Fairhope residents to what could happen -- and led to added security measures at city facilities,

Citizens became more appreciative of first-responders, as well.

Fairhope - Sep. 11, 2014

tree planted later

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Inside of griping about all the bad things, we need to band together and work together for peace and harmony