Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hurricane Anniversaries: Ivan and Katrina

Fairhope, Alabama


Aug. 2005, after Katrina
Its been nine years since the last hurricane, Katrina, on August 28, 2005; and a direct hit by Ivan the year before, Sept 16, 2004.

Those who defied the "mandatory" evacuation  remember Ivan's eye passed over the city about 2am; power had been shut off earlier and stayed off for over a day -- up to a week in some areas.

 Gasoline was in short supply for days after.

Katrina was a slower storm, making landfall in western Mississippi, but hurricane force winds extended 125 miles eastward.

Although the winds were not as strong here as Ivan's, Katrina's storm surge was higher in places (13ft); property along the bay took a heavy hit.

The pier, Yacht Club and Grand Hotel in Pt. Clear were heavily damaged by both storms.

Repairs to the pier cost over $2 million each time, mostly covered by FEMA. The concrete decking is designed to float loose -- to limit structural damage.

Hurricane Ivan, Sept. 2004:

Hurricane Katrina, August 2005:

Fairhope pier during Katrina

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