Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Sidewalk Construction Continuing

Fairhope, Alabama

White Ave. Park 

A new sidewalk at the White Ave. Park has been completed, except for a short segment on the south end that was delayed to allow the adjacent homeowner time to install drainage improvements.

The Single Tax Corporation is funding the project, according to President Lee Turner; but the city will be responsible for the maintenance (of the sidewalk).

(The STC uses the land-rent it charges Colony residents for such projects, selected by its members.)

The sidewalk was part of the Oct. 2013 settlement of a lawsuit against the city over maintenance issues along the bay.


Boothe Rd.
Missing segments of a continuous sidewalk along Boothe Rd. and Bishop Rd. on the east side of town are being added as well, also funded by the STC --  to finally connect the Intermediate with the High and Middle schools about a mile to the south.

Most of the project is in the county, outside of city limits.

A new road-connection opened between the two existing streets earlier this year --  named Boothe-Bishop Rd. (also funded by the STC).


Windmill Rd..
As part of the next phase of the Idlewild subdivision, crews are building sidewalks along parts of Thompson Hall Rd. and Windmill Dr.

The city usually requires sidewalks to be included before approving developers' final plans.


A federal/state grant has already been approved for a multi-purpose path along the east side of Greeno Rd.,  north to the Rock Creek neighborhood and westward along Hwy 104 to flowerclock-junction on Scenic 98; but funding is being held up in Congress until a new budget or continuing resolution is passed.


The STC is also planning to fund a sidewalk along Morphy Ave. from Greeno Rd. eastward to Thompson Hall -- probably next year.

Others on the wish-list include down Manley Rd. to CR13, along CR13 within city limits, and Hwy 181 from CR48 south to Quail Creek.

Updated: Sidewalks are also being discussed for within the Quail Creek neighborhood itself.


Mayor Kant has been advocating for a city sidewalk plan -- to prioritize projects so that city funds may be budgeted every year to construct at least a mile of new sidewalks within the city.

He has asked the city's Pedestrian and Bike committee to make suggestions as well.

Reportedly, the Public Works Dept. has a long list of "sidewalk requests" from citizens.

The Federal government and Single Tax Corporation have been the primary sources for sidewalk-funding in the area recent years.

(The city is not permitted make expenditures outside of city limits)

Bisohp. Rd. sidewalk planned


Anonymous said...

Parker Road. Between 98 and scenic 98. Tons of traffic and no sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

Please: STC is meaningless. It's the FSTC.

Anonymous said...

Have they ever extended Nichols Avenue Sidewalks between Section Street eastbound to Mershon? That's where they really would have benefited the "Real Fairhope"

Anonymous said...

Oh, the dangers of young drivers on County 44 (Twin Beech Road) eastward from Boothe Road to County 13 and on to 181. Sun in the eyes of drivers, east & west, with cyclists & walkers alongside this busy thoroughfare without shoulders on which to safely walk/cycle. At least 350 homes with no safe access to Fairhope High School, the Intermediate School or Soccer fields from Woodlawn, Summer Oaks, Thompson Hall, Sedgefield, Fairfield East, Bay Meadows or Hunters Glen.