Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Boondoggle" Fairhope Intersection Being Modified

Fairhope, Alabama

US 98 at South Dr.

Although no official plan has been announced, the right turn lane that was installed by the state last year for traffic going to the Bayshore Christian School on Presbyterian Dr. north of town is apparently being extended (by ALDOT), northward a few feet to South Dr.

Traffic problems at the intersection were an issue at the last Planning Commission meeting, causing an application for Firefly, a new 27-lot subdivision at the east end of South Dr. to be tabled until its November meeting. (The developer had the option to add more lots as well.)  (click)

Afterwards, Councilman Burrell called the intersection a "boondoggle".

How the new development's streets will connect to future projects in the area was a reason for the delay as well.

The Times has learned that a new street-connection to the south (of the proposed subdivision) may be added -- and plans are under consideration to connect Presbyterian Dr. to Parker Rd through a former trailer park.

(According to informed sources, the narrow stretch of west South Dr. is through private property: via agreement between the city and property owner.)


At the recent Comprehensive Growth Plan town hall meetings, several citizens complained about the growing number of traffic signals holding up traffic along Greeno Rd/Hwy 98 -- and the lack of synchronization of the existing ones.

The controversial issue of connectivity between streets of new (and existing) residential subdivisions is one way to reduce traffic on the major roads, like Hwy 98. Generally residents like it in other neighborhoods, but not on the streets of their own.

The signals along Greeno Rd. have been synchronized (by the state) to some extent: a more efficient (and costly) system has been proposed, but not yet been installed.

The Eastern Shore MPO  also recently proposed a new plan for better synchronization of all signals north to Interstate  10.

Greeno Rd.

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Anonymous said...

I drive through these 12-14 lights to work every day (to I-10). Some days I am able to make 5 of them when green. Most days I am stopped by at least 8. I timed it one day. It adds 14-20 minutes to my commute on a good day. I just don't understand why hitting one red light causes you to hit most lights as red thereafter. Where is the logic in that? I understand the need for lights. I do not understand the inability of the DOT to make these logically sync'd. The lights should only trigger when opposing traffic is present. I cannot count the times I am stopped at a red light with no opposing traffic.