Monday, October 20, 2014

'Boondoggle' Intersection To Be Redone

Fairhope, Alabama


Hwy 98 at South Dr.
According to the mayor, an intersection on Highway 98 north of town is going to be modified by the state; a new right-turn lane installed last year has not met expectations.

The "stacking" lane was installed to accommodate north-bound traffic from 98 going to the Bayshore Christian School on Presbyterian Dr.; but it has only added to motorists' confusion. (video below)

The sudden removal of many trees during construction, including some Corridor 98 live oaks, caused some controversy at the time (click).

(Informed sources say a state employee responsible for the project was terminated recently.)


new subdivision proposal
At the last Planning Commission meeting, approval of a new residential subdivision, called Firefly -- to be located at the east end of South Dr. -- was delayed, partly over citizens' traffic complaints concerning this intersection; and other traffic "connectivity" issues to the east, south and through the existing and Rock Creek and Sandy Ford neighborhoods.

Although the Firefly will be relatively small, only 27 lots as proposed, other future developments expected in the area are expected to place strain on existing roads and other infrastructure.

private street?
Councilman Burrell called the intersection a boondoggle, after hearing a citizen's complaint during the meeting.

South Dr. was always intended to be a minor backdoor access to the subdivisions -- only a supplement to the primary entrance through Rock Creek onto Hwy 98.

(Some disagreement has arisen concerning ownership of a short stretch on he west end of South Dr.: some claim it may be a private road.)

(Update: City Planning Director Smith told the Times that short stretch of South Dr. is a private road; but the city has an agreement with the property owner for its use.)

The Times has learned connecting Presbyterian Dr. south to Parker Rd. -- through Revelation Dr. (currently a private road in an old  trailer park) is also under consideration.


Anonymous said...

Sppeding on Highy 98 is the big problem there too.

Anonymous said...

if fairhope is paying for up keep on said road then it is public, sounds like they want the best of both worlds .
Rock creek was not a well thought out neighborhood , way too big