Friday, October 31, 2014

City Prepared For Ebola Virus

Fairhope, Alabama


Mayor Kant says the city has a plan in place in the unlikely event a case of hemorrhagic fever should appear here.

Only those who have recently traveled in West Africa are at-risk, according to the CDC (click).

Fairhope's Emergency Management Coordinator John Saraceno has been working closely with the Baldwin County EMA to distribute information to city department heads, police and fire personnel,  and medical personnel out in the community, Kant said.


According to the Alabama Department of Public Health's website:

"State law and administrative regulations of the State Board of Health provide that the State Health Officer and county health officers may, in their discretion, isolate and quarantine individuals exposed to, or afflicted with, notifiable diseases and health conditions. Ebola Virus Disease is a viral hemorrhagic fever and has long been designated as a notifiable disease by the Board."


Anonymous said...

Seriously???? This is keeping people in Fairhope up at night????

Anonymous said...

Yes. Those who watch too much Tv ,like Fox News .

Anonymous said...

fairhope cracks me up

Anonymous said...

I am grateful that Fairhope has taken the initiative to be prepared in the event that a person exposed to the Ebola virus becomes symptomatic while here. A simple internet search of how the virus is spread will help those who care to understand how extremely contagious and fatal this disease is. It isn't "over there." Ebola is just an airplane flight away - ask anyone in Dallas, Texas. By the way, my daughter is currently working in Africa.