Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fairhope Police To Get Improved 'Body' Cameras

Fairhope, Alabama

old type camera
In the wake of controversial police-involved shooting incidents nationwide, $35K has been included in next year's budget to purchase 36 body cameras for Fairhope police and corrections officers.

Recommended by the city's insurance carrier, a few were tried about 4 years ago (click); but they proved unreliable and had security issues, according to Mayor Kant and Chief Petties.

The older cameras were cited as problematic during adjudication of a Jan. 2012 lawsuit  (Windham vs. City of Fairhope et al. alleging excessive force during an arrest) --  that was ultimately dismissed as without merit by Federal District Court Judge William Steele earlier this year. Audio from the cameras was useful. however.

The court subsequently approved billing the plaintiff for some fees incurred by defendants in that case (over $5,000).

Fairhope police officers interviewed by the Times were all supportive of wearing cameras.


Anonymous said...

Kant should be forced to wear one.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Ha. I know he has lied to my family on numerous occassions.

Anonymous said...

all politicians lie ... other wise none would eveer be reelected. the Public CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!