Friday, October 24, 2014

International Walk to School Day Held Downtown

Fairhope, Alabama

Charlene Lee

Just after dawn this morning, Charlene Lee led a group of about 50 students, teachers and guides on their daily Walking School Bus hike from the library to the elementary school: Today's walk coincided with the annual International Walk to School Day. (video at very bottom)

Lee thanked mayor Nix (she meant Kant) for the city's adoption of a Complete Streets policy that advocates constructing the safer streets, sidewalks, and crosswalks that make such outings possible.

She also credited Police Chief Petties with helping control traffic during the walks; and Fairhope elementary school principal Terry Beasley for making the daily walk possible (only one in the state).

Their daily pre-walk chant is: "Smart Kids, smart walk, lets roll!"

Mayor Nix?
Kant, Petties and Beasley participated in the walk that took a side trip to the Mosher Castle along the way, where the kids were cautioned "not to pick the flowers."

Lee is Walking Bus Coordinator for the Alabama Coastal Foundation which sponsors the event, along with the City of Fairhope.

Originally a monthly walk, it was made daily beginning in Fall of 2013 (click here).

What exactly is a Walking School Bus?  

It is a national movement where groups of children meet at neighborhood “walk stop” each morning and walk to school every day under the supervision of school approved adult “bus drivers”. In addition to having fun while getting daily exercise and learning street safety, children arrive to school ready to learn.  These “buses” cut down on the traffic congestion and poor air quality associated with car lines dropping students off at school daily.

Mr. Beasley (in yellow)

Chief Petties


Anonymous said...

Charlene is a take charge kind of gal!

Anonymous said...

Nix, Kant what is the difference??

Anonymous said...

That is not a very longwalk.

Anonymous said...

The Walking School Bus is a treasure for Fairhope, Thanks to all who participate and help organize.

Anonymous said...

Charlene Lee is such a great energetic person!