Monday, October 27, 2014

Thomas Hospital To Increase Baby Capacity

Fairhope, Alabama

Current 3rd floor facility

The Thomas Hospital Foundation is about to kick off its "Life ... It's Worth Giving" campaign to expand its existing third-floor maternity ward to the top floor.

"A new Birth Center is both the community's most important need -- and the hospital's ...  . The Center is a cornerstone to our long term economic survival because it will attract the next generation of families to the hospital ... ." according to the Foundation's spokesman.

The existing facility was designed (mid 1990s) to handle about 600 births per year; and it is currently handling about 1,100 -- from all over Baldwin County.

The new fourth-floor Birth Center will be able to handle over 1,800/yr. -- and will have an enhanced Special Care Nursery for infants with special needs.

Final cost could be over $9 million (including specialized medical equipment) and the Foundation hopes to raise $5 million of of that that from tax-deductable donations. Over $1.5 million has already been raised.


Citing the importance of the hospital to the community and local economy, the city council has budgeted $50,000/yr for the next five years to the project; but could decide to give more at a later date.

The Thomas Hospital Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that was founded to "foster and support the activities of Thomas Hospital, to encourage public support, of the hospital, and to advance its charitable, educational, and scientific purposes."

Since its founding in 1993, it has helped provide funding for the cardiac center (open heart surgery), digital mammography, emergency room expansion and other projects.

The city has helped with some previous projects as well:  in-kind or directly.

(The Foundation's 2012 federal tax return listed $8,151,851 in net assets)

Thomas Hospital, Fairhope Al.

birth center waiting room


Anonymous said...

What they really need to increase there are the number of places to park.

Anonymous said...

since its run and managed by the Mobile infirmary which operates the hospital and generates a profit every year i dont see why mobile infirmary cant just pay for the expansion. who will ultimately benefit from the expansion? the doctors who practice there and the mobile infirmary thats who. wish i could convince a tax free foundation to subsidize MY business.