Saturday, October 4, 2014

Alabama Coastal Bird Festival Held

Fairhope, Alabama


The annual Alabama Birdfest and Conservation Exposition was held today on the Faulkner College campus in downtown Fairhope: the fourth day of the bird festival which began Wednesday at the Five Rivers Delta Center. (video @ bottom)

(The Book Festival was held simultaneously, see below)

Various birds, snakes, raptors, and other critters were on display: some poisonous snakes were inside the John Borom building nearby.

Conservation organizations such as the Alabama Coastal Foundation, Weeks Bay Reserve, and others were busy giving demonstrations and distributing conservation literature.

Hank Burch, Manager of the Five Rivers Center on the causeway, brought his pet possum 'Ophelia' along.

The city's Recycling Committee was on hand encouraging citizens to recycle.

king snake
'Ophelia' the possum

bird house construction

Joe McEnerney of Alabama Coastal Foundation

Fairhope's Recycling Committee

kids make music


The Grand Festival of Books, sponsored by the Page and Palette bookstore, was being held nearby; various authors were on hand to sign and discus their recent books.

Book Festival

Grand Festival of Books

Fairhope Book Festival


Anonymous said...

What does Fairhope do with all that glass that we collect>

Publisher said...

At last word, it was being shipped to Atlanta where it is ground up and used in asphalt for road paving.

Anonymous said...

we don't recycle glass anymore. the workers have a bad habit of breaking it in the street before putting it in the truck.

Anonymous said...

Whatt do you expect? The "workers" are probably work-release inmates from the Loxley Corrections Center. Get $10 a day.

Anonymous said...

Somebody told me Quail Creek in the golf course is filled up with water mocasins . any truth to it?

Anonymous said...

Don't mean to sound facetious here, but I can see all the possums, raccoons, water moccasins, etc in my own Fairhope neighborhood w/o having to go to bird fest. Might add in a few armadillos too .