Friday, November 28, 2014

Aviation Academy Finally Nearing Completion

Fairhope, Alabama


Fairhope Academy of Flight
At its November meeting, Chairman Chuck Zunk told airport authority members the aviation technical school should be completed by the end of the month; and the Baldwin School Board and the two participating colleges (Faulkner, Enterprise) will begin moving in their equipment -- in anticipation of opening in time for the Winter school term.

The schools are planning an open house and other activities before then, Zunk said.


* Authority members voted unanimously to "repeal and rescind" a  resolution they passed last March prohibiting privately owned fuel farms at the airport; because the FAA had advised such a prohibition was not allowable.

* The new FBO lease with Continental Motors to operate the airport went into effect on Nov. 1st. -- with  higher rent charged and fuel fees that will increase the Authority's revenue.

* The sale of two parcels of airport land (5.6 acres to Goodwyn, Mills, Cagood Engineering and 9.4 to Hy Grade Valve) are expected to close in 2 - 3 weeks. The $400K received will be used to retire airport debt.


Fairhope Air Race, June 2015
Planning was continued for the annual 2,500 mile, cross-country, all-female Air Race Classic  (formerly the Powder Puff Derby).

The final stage of the timed race will begin in Gaston Al. -- and end at the Fairhope airport.

The 55 participants will begin arriving on Wednesday, June 24th and there will be a hangar party on the 25th as well as other activities the following weekend including an awards ceremony.

Local girls clubs may also be participating in a "mini" learn to fly day.

Pam Caundil volunteered to help organize and promote the event, called a "big deal" by Chairman Zunk: it could have a significant economic impact on local hotels and other businesses.


In anticipation of the event, a compass rose was painted on the taxiway south of the main hangar by the local chapter of 'The Ninety-Nines' -- a club for women aviators.

The device was used to align airplane compasses at one time, but is considered mostly decorative today.

Fairhope airport compass rose


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This is going to be such a wonderful training facility! GREAT JOB!

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if it ever opens ...