Thursday, November 6, 2014

Construction Begins Of Faulkner Amphitheater

Fairhope, Alabama

Faulkner pavilion construction

Construction of the outdoor pavilion has finally begun at the corner of Morphy Ave. and School Street in downtown Fairhope..

According to earlier reports, the project is to be jointly funded by the state, Single Tax Corporation and other private donations (Baldwin Impact 100). 

Update: A recent estimate puts the cost at $1.3 million.

The pavilion will face north-westward to direct sound away from residential neighborhoods and no performances are to continue after 9PM.

Parking will be on city streets (by previous agreement) and on a space-available basis at the nearby Methodist Church, by informal agreement; and events are to be scheduled so as not to conflict with regular school parking needs.

No existing trees should be affected by construction, according the the city's Horticulturist.

No construction timeline was mentioned.

Faulkner State President Gary Branch (last Spring):

"The amphitheater will mesh nicely with the ambiance of Fairhope, which embraces lifestyles of the arts ... will accommodate 1000 patrons and provide needed space for family friendly events, concerts, movie showings and theater performances ... also be available for community events ie. the Arts and Crafts and Film Festival."

Faulkner President Gary Branch called the project symbolic: "This is another example of the unique 'town and gown' relationship with Fairhope ...  . Support from organizations such as IMPACT 100 and other community sources ... keep our campus growing ... ."


Anonymous said...

Fairhope has needed a venue such as this one for a very long time. It will certainly enhance the arts and special events for the entire Eastern Shore!

Anonymous said...

Where will all of the people park the cars though?

Anonymous said...

1.2 mill? Why is it going to cost this much for a stage and wall?