Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fairhope School Construction Plans Announced

Fairhope, Alabama

Superintendent Owen

Tonight at Daphne's Civic Center, interim superintendent Robbie Owen announced proposals for a 10-year building plan for Baldwin County schools, including a new wing for Fairhope High, "rejuvenating" the oldest ("traditional") part of the former K-1 on Church St. -- and eventually an entirely new building behind it.

(The "needs" of Fairhope schools  are described in the video here, click)

The proposals would alleviate the need for portables at the high school and relieve impending overcrowding at the elementary, according to Owen.

Timeline from Board of Education:

Fairhope Feeder Pattern
  • K-1 Center Renovation (Pre-K & K)(1-3 years)
  • Fairhope High School Addition (20 room) (1-3 years)
  • Fairhope Middle School Addition (3-5 year)

(see video of the construction plans below)


The total county-wide cost of the 30 year bond necessary would be $350 million; and an 8 mil ad valorem (property) tax increase will be needed to fund it,  according to the system's financial officer John Wilson.

The tax increase for a home valued at $184,900 (the average in the county) would be $148/yr.

The one cent sales tax set to expire in 2018 would have to be renewed as well, since it currently funds the salaries for 518 staff, about $27.6 million a year.

The property tax increase will have to be approved by a voter referendum, but the sales tax only by the county's state legislative delegation, according to Wilson.

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