Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mayor and Councilmembers Attending Conference

Fairhope, Alabama

Austin, Tx.

Mayor Kant, councilmembers Burrell and Brewer, and a city employee have been attending the National Leagues of Cities annual Congress of Cities in Austin, TX.  for the past several days:

"The nation’s largest educational event for city officials, hosted this year by the City of Austin, Texas. This year’s theme, The Future of Cities, will showcase the innovative ways cities are driving change today, and will help you prepare for your community’s future."

Councilman Burrell said the Fairhope delegation had been attending workshops and seminars that could help with current city issues such as historical preservation,  urban gardening,  planning for the use of the Triangle property, new approaches to employee health care, and other topics.

Burrell's statement:

"The Fairhope delegation has been extremely busy while in Austin.  Workshops and seminars attended so far include Tools and Strategies for city leaders concerning Historic Preservation, which could also be considered “Heritage” preservation.  By exploring case studies of how other cities have handled historic preservation issues, our city will be better equipped to shape and oversee local ordinances to protect cultural assets and enhance the vibrancy of Fairhope.  
By attending the Urban Farms and Local Foods workshop, city leaders were able to connect to the farm heritage of our city, understand how to connect neighbors, farmers and friends, while also learning how to create a sustainable future for ourselves and our community by eating fresh, local food.
Two important issues facing our city recently have been: 1) What are the city’s plans for the Triangle property?, and 2) Should the city invest in an on-site clinic to provide medical care for our employees?  The first question was addressed by attending the workshop on Natural Systems and Green Space: a tour of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.  This learning experience highlighted the sustainable use and conservation of native wildflowers, plants, and landscapes, as well as, research which includes a seed lab, seed bank, and herbarium.  Look for more contact possible with this center as a resource in planning the future use of the “Triangle” area acquired by the city last year.  
As health care costs rise, the city is constantly working on ways to keep health care costs low, while ensuring our employees receive the best medical services possible.  City leaders are looking into outcomes-based workforce health solutions to prevent and reverse chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.  Case studies presented at the NLC convention are educating our city government on ways to successfully engage employees to drive results.
In addition, workshops were attended to learn more about the “Let’s Move! Cities, Towns, and Counties” initiative to make our city more healthy and address childhood obesity.  One way the City of Fairhope promotes a healthy city is through the Walking School Bus program.  This program is expected to generate new ideas to bring back home.
Today (Friday) and tomorrow will be a busy days as we attend workshops on “Driving Entrepreneurship”, “Community Branding and Marketing”, “Blueprints for Great Small Cities”, in addition to others.  We will also be attending a reception for the Alabama League of Municipalities late this afternoon."

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