Tuesday, November 25, 2014

New Sculpture Coming to Downtown Fairhope

Fairhope, Alabama

artwork by Bruce Larsen

A bird-like sculpture by Fairhope artist Bruce Larsen is to be installed downtown in the courtyard next to the BB and T bank: donated to the city by its current owner Dr. Lynn Yonge.

Yonge said the piece has been on display at the Mobile Museum of Art but they did not have a place for it anymore: it was originally given to him by Larsen in exchange for medical services.

The sculpture will be located near the rear of the alley, sometimes known as 'Rue Colonial' -- and covered by a wooden structure with benches for seating.

Yonge added he thought it "hurt Larsen's feelings" that the museum did not want it anymore.

Dr. Yonge


Anonymous said...

Fits right in with Fairhope. Love it! I'm sure there will be some "nay-sayers" here, but thank you Dr. Yonge.

Anonymous said...

Artists are soo sensitive ...

Anonymous said...

I like it, but couldn't they make something besides birds, fish or crabs for a change?