Friday, January 16, 2015

Updated: Another Abandoned Fairhope House Demolished

Fairhope, Alabama

 451 S. Section St. (before)

Update: According to building inspector Eric Cortinas, the house at 451 S. Section was not condemned, the owner had it demolished himself. He also said the house at 855 N. Section St. had been damaged by fire.

Another abandoned house, this one in "Cumbie's Corner" Subdivision at 451 S. Section Street, has been demolished after being condemned by the city's building department.

Property records show the owner as Victor Lazzari.

The house had been vacant for some time, and vandalized inside.



One at 855 N. Section St. could be the next target for demolition: current owner listed as Tina Windham.

Both houses have been "tied up in legal issues" for several years, according to informed sources.

If a responsible party cannot be found, the city often pays for the demolition itself -- and puts liens on the property for compensation.

855 N. Section St.


Anonymous said...

What's the criteria? I've been trying to get a house demolished in my street for years and was told the city didn't have the power to do so. Is there a new ordinance?

Publisher said...

No new ordinance; Alabama state law Sections 24 - 3- 2 and 18 -1A - 1 explains this procedure -- conducted in civil courts.