Monday, January 19, 2015

Library Plans Memorial Garden For Benefactors

Fairhope, Alabama


Jan. 2015 Library Board meeting
At its January meeting, the city's Library Board of Trustees heard plans for a memorial garden to be located behind the building in memory of Hollis and Teko Wiseman.

Dr. Wiseman was a past president of the Friends of the Library organization -- and spearheaded the effort to construct its current building; Teko was active in many other philanthropic/civic projects around the city and county.

The library's landscaping committee is organizing and raising funds for the effort (Harriet Gutknecht, Valerie Delancey); and landscape architect Paul Fontenot is the designer.

Fontenot designed the city's popular flower clock as well.

The city will be installing a French drain for the project and other in kind support as necessary (no city funds are to be used for the project itself).

Plans and drawings are to be presented at the Board's February meeting.

According to Library Director Tamara Dean, donation checks should be made payable to the Fairhope Public Library Wiseman Memorial Garden.

 Contact Dean for further information.


* Using a national modeling system, it was determined the overall value of services offered to the community by the library last year was almost $7 million -- vs. a cost of under $700 thousand.

* Heard that "no guns allowed" signs on entrance doors had to be removed after a patron complained. Such prohibitions in libraries are not allowed, according to the city attorney.

* Heard that a donation of between $30 - 100K is expected by June (a % of deceased' estate).

* A temporary employee may have to be hired to replace a full time one going on extended medical leave.

* From a list of six, recommended Allison Knight be appointed to fill a vacancy on the Library Board.

* Passed a motion to change its bylaws to expand the Board from its current five members to seven -- if allowed by city and state law (to be investigated by city clerk).

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