Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another New Downtown Building Planned

Fairhope, Alabama.


406 Oak Street
The Planning Commission unanimously approved the site plan for a 3 story (35' height) mixed-use building at 406 Oak St. -- across from the Eastern Shore Art Center.

The property is located in the central business district and is zoned B-4.

Larry Smith, representative for S.E. Civil Engineering, said the 2,804 sq. feet upstairs will be residential (4 units) and 1,900 on the bottom floor commercial use (professional offices).

Only one parking space per residential unit is required; but more are allowed (usually 2).

Referring to another recently-approved downtown project where some commercial space was to be upstairs, but was ultimately approved by the council as all residential, Councilman Burrell asked if the 1,900 sq. ft. included parking space -- and was told it did not.

Burrell: "I don't want somebody proposing mixed-use ... and wind up making that...  a foyer for condos upstairs ... should be only commercial."

Burrell has expressed concerns that too much residential downtown could eventually harm the central business district; the planning commission has appointed a sub-committee to study that issue.

Larry Smith
Mayor Kant asked if the oak tree on the lot will be protected and "hand-digging" used around it to protect the critical root zone (vs. a back hoe) and was given assurances saving the tree is a high priority.

Kant: "... should be hand-digging only ... not a tractor tearing up roots."

L. Smith said design configuration of the building took into account the tree protection issues.

(Since the project has a residential component with a parking lot requirement, the city's tree ordinance fully applies. It would not had it been all commercial, as with another project now under construction on  Fairhope Ave. at Church St.)

Records show Peter Sikorowoski as the primary owner of the lot, as well as the adjacent one. (404 Oak Ave.).

His wife Laurie is an architect for the WAV architectural firm located in Fairhope.

It was not discussed if/how the new project may affect the existing structure next door.

The city council will still have to approve the site plan.

building site


Anonymous said...

So the additional 900 square feet downstairs ( to equal the 2800 upstairs) is going to be a foyer for the upstairs? Doesn't make sense to me.

Publisher said...

No. We were referring to plans for another downtown building that was approved by the city council last month. This plan still needs its approval.

Chris Francis said...

Hire a Certified Arborist to protect the tree.

Anonymous said...

more offices do what (?) to protect the "central business district"? Seems we have more offices than shops soon...

Anonymous said...

I hope that they will not let the 3 beautiful oak trees on the lot next to it on Bancroft be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Have anyone in mind ... ?

Anonymous said...

Are there regulations from the Fairhope zoning board that require "X" amount of parking spaces required based on the square footage of the building? It seems to me that there may not be enough on street parking available for the amount of vehicles using this building.

Anonymous said...

Central business district? Business? Fairhope? Seriously? That is laughable.

Publisher said...

Off-street parking is required for the residences only.

Anonymous said...

more condos to rent to tourists.

Anonymous said...

We need a Walmart downtown...