Thursday, February 26, 2015

CR 13 Roundabouts Delayed Again

Fairhope, Alabama.


Cr 13 at Fairhope Ave.
Construction of a roundabout at the heavily-used  CR 13/Fairhope Ave. intersection has been delayed again -- until about January of 2016 according to a county highway department official.

The city has committed $235,000 for the project, since one of the roads (Fairhope Ave.) is within city limits.

They are currently still in the process of acquiring right-of way there (for roundabout): a lengthy process when federal dollars are involved.

Construction of the one at Gayfer Ave/CR 13 is to begin after this once, since Gayfer will be used as detour.

The city is expecting to begin resurfacing and widening (enough for bike lanes) Fairhope Ave. out to Hwy 181 beginning this May -- and hoped to coordinate the two projects, but that is not likely now.

No official plans have been released for this project yet.


Several other intersections around town were cited in a 2007 study as needing improvements (ie. Greeno at Gayfer and at Fairhope Ave (west side); Oak at Section St; Fairhope at Magnolia Ave; et al) -- but only limited progress on them had been made so far.


At one time a roundabout was planned for Section St./ Hwy 104; but that project became ensnared in the numerous lawsuits over the 'Dyas Triangle' property -- and has not yet been revived by the city council. (The city now owns the Dyas property.)

(A roundabout has also been discussed for the oddly-designed  Fairhope Ave/Ingleside St. intersection.)

Section At. at Hwy 104 proposal


Anonymous said...

Oak and Section is in GREAT need of some sort of traffic control. Can sit there and count as many as 40 cars at a time while you are trying to gain access.

Anonymous said...

We have been concerned about the lack of turning lanes on Gayfer road at Greeno road for many years. The city council has not heard us yet. More sports facilities seems to be the priority there , over necessities.

Anonymous said...

The cemetery hill blocks the view there. a dangerous situation since nobody takes speeding limits seriously in this town.

Anonymous said...

I'd just as soon have NO roundabouts anywhere thank you.

Anonymous said...

A roundabout at Section Street and Hwy 104 is a great idea since that intersection is a primary entrance to Fairhope. That area is very congested and a roundabout coupled with the flower clock would welcome visitors/tourists to Fairhope.

Anonymous said...

The speed limit there is posted at 25 mph, but most people think that only goes for school hours.

Anonymous said...

Oak St from Church to Section should probably be a one way street (west bound) so no one is trying to cross three lanes of traffic from a blind spot

Anonymous said...

Roundabouts are proven safety enhancements. Why it takes south Alabama so long to awaken to the wide use of roundabouts in New England and all of Europe has been a great mystery for over 65 years now.

Anonymous said...

So they're going to wait until the Intermediate school year has started to begin construction on the 48 at 13 intersection? That will mean all the 48 west bound school traffic will have to detour. Why not wait until Summer???

Anonymous said...

Various governmental agencies and bodies finally finished making Highway 13 into a viable and useful road. Then somebody had to ruin the highway by installing this silly roundabout. Aren't there better ways to waste money?