Friday, February 13, 2015

Library Memorial Garden Plan Rolled Out

Fairhope, Alabama.


Memorial Garden Plan
The proposed plan for a memorial garden dedicated to major library supporters and benefactors was shown to the Library Board by Harriet Gutknecht at its February meeting. 

The area had been heavily-landscaped after building construction in 2006; but because of poor soil, drainage and other issues, most of the plants did not survive.

The library landscape committee (not affiliated with the city) was formed two years ago to solicit donations from the private citizens, businesses and other sources; but results so far have been disappointing: only $13,000 has been raised so far, thanks mostly to a recent $10,000 donation (in memory of long-time Fairhope residents Delbert and Roberta Long).

Committee members are: Nancy Brandon, Tamara Dean, Valery DeLaney, Jolane Edwards, Harriet Gutknecht, Ann Miller, Jaca McLaren, Jill McLemore, Cindy Munisteri, Debra Quinn.

Harriet Gutknecht
Gutknecht said she had recently met with the mayor and public works personnel about it; and the city has agreed to do the drainage work and help with installation and maintenance as much as it can, considering the many higher priorities the public works department has at this time.

The mayor suggested starting with the square-shaped part on the west side facing Bancroft St. and proceeding eastward in phases, when/if funding becomes available.

Donations may be made at the library or city hall.

The project may have to be scaled back if enough money can't be raised.

1st phase here?

Knight in red

* Voted to recommend the city council appoint Alison Knight to fill a vacancy on the Board.

* Heard a description of current library organization:

1. The Library Board, established under state law and appointed by the city council, is responsible for daily operation and finances.

2. The Friends of the Library, the local branch of a national non-profit, helps purchase books and other supplies by fundraising (ie. used book sales).

3. The Library Foundation, also a private, non-profit corporation,  receives larger individual gifts, donations, and corporate sponsorships intended to build a lasting endowment  -- to be used for various purposes.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a number of good Eagle Scout projects here. Possibly using perennial flowers / plants pulled from the town street flower beds and normally discarded. It may take longer and require more planning.