Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fairhope Airport To Get New Hangar

Fairhope, Alabama. (


The Airport Authority is finalizing a lease of about half an acre of south-side airport property  to Greenville-based Cedar Creek Leasing Llc; the four leased lots will contain a corporate hangar, approach apron, parking lot and a fuel tank.

The company's registered agent is Alan Boan of Boan Contracting Corporation, also based in Greenville; he and several family members have residences and other business interests in Fairhope as well.

Boan had proposed constructing a new hangar for his personal jet over a year ago (click), but that proposal died after objections arose from the airport manager concerning fuel sales -- and from neighborhood residents with safety concerns.
Alan Boan

A stipulation of the new proposal is that the fuel station can only be used for Boan's own aircraft and at the same price-per-gallon as other fueling stations at the airport; the Airport Authority gets a per-gallon cut as well.


Early negotiations are underway for another hangar/fueling station in the same area, according to Authority Chariman Zunk.

The lack of adequate hangar space has been a long term problem for the AA.

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