Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fairhope Library Gets State's Top Award

Fairhope, Alabama. (


At its March meeting, Director Tamara Dean told Board members that she had learned the day before the library had been awarded the state's Gold certification for 2015 by the Alabama Library Association.

The association's Alabama Standards Achievement Awards "recognize superior planning and levels of excellence attained by exceptional public libraries in Alabama."

There are three levels; bronze, silver and gold.

The Gold Standard is the highest level of achievement attainable by a public library in the State of Alabama; it "reflects the dedicated effort of  Library's Board, Director, and staff to meet and surpass the core standards for public libraries in the State of Alabama."

Director Dean will receive the award on Aptil 9th at the ALLA's annual convention, set for April 7-10th at the Grand Hotel; she said she intends to invite the mayor and city council as well.


Library Board
* Dean told the Board there is a budget shortfall of about $6,000 regarding much-needed carpet and window cleaning because the city council cut this year's proposed budget by 1%. It was decided to seek funding from the Friends of the Library and other private organizations that use the facilities (Gidens Room).

* Discussions are ongoing with the city concerning the Memorial Garden and French drain to be installed behind the building. The city maybe able to  help provide some plants.

* All Board members terms are nearly up and need to be re-appointed by the city council; officers need to be selected at the April meeting. Allison Knight should be appointed as the fifth (new) member.

* Rescinded a Resolution passed at the last meeting increasing the number of Board members from 5 to 7: it was learned state law sets the number at 5.

* Discussed plans for the second floor space now being leased by Faulkner State College for classroom space, if it is not renewed by the city council (expires in Dec.) The space is "desperately needed" for the Teen-age Department, more Internet computers and genealogy.

The Library Board meets monthly in the second floor conference room; meetings are open to the public.

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