Wednesday, March 4, 2015

'Splash Pad' Re-design Project Begins

Fairhope, Alabama.


existing defective pad
The city is now seeking bidders for the demolition and replacement of the less-than-one-year old splash pad at the Fairhoper's community park -- which had serious construction defects.

Because of foundation and other problems, the city had withheld final payment to the contractor, Advanced Recreational Concepts; no resolution of the has been announced publicly yet. 

No drawing or rendering of the new plan has been made public, but the specifications mention a crocodile feature, ship's bow water canon, pirate's sloop, and a water canon  -- as well as various type spray nozzles.

bid specs
The city council must select the winning bidder, usually the lowest; the selected contractor will have 60 days to complete the project.

Old components will be saved and possibly reused, if another splash pad is constructed elsewhere (a real possibility).

Jade Consulting Llc. developed the plan and will manage its construction.
When asked about it before Monday's Planning Commission meeting, Councilman Burrell said he had not seen the new plan or knew it had already been let out for bids; he was not certain exactly how the project was to be financed since it was not budgeted for and is larger than the original.

proposed 'ship bow sprayer'

proposed 'pirate canon feature'

proposed 'crocodile feature'

proposed 'pirate sloop rain drop buckets'


Anonymous said...

"Councilman Burrell said he had not seen the new plan or knew it had already been let out for bids; he was not aware of how the project was to financed" Does Jack know about anything that goes on here?

Is Fairhope capable of hiring anyone who can complete a project satisfactorily? i.e. the on-going issues with the library.

And lastly, the timing on this is ridiculous. You are going to demolish it as the weather warms and the kids will be using it? This could not have been resolved during the winter months?

Anonymous said...

I stated I had not seen the new plans, which is true, and I did not know it had been let out for bid. I did not state I did not know how it was to be financed. It was my understanding it would be paid for with funds withheld from the previous contract. Jack Burrell

Publisher said...

We were able to confirm this is Council President Burrell: the Times stands by its reporting on the matter.

The real question is: why did the council not know about it before the bid specs were let out?

Also, who came up with the new plan if the city council was in the dark?

Were all Al. Open Meetings and ethics laws followed?

Shouldn't the public have been given an opportunity for input, as with past splash pad designs?

Why is this council no longer voting to let out bids, as has always been the case? Not having the time is no excuse.

We have already warned councilman Burrell, that in the past several months the Times has noticed an alarming decline in the transparency of the municipal government: employees have to do as they are told (right or wrong) or face termination.

The cost of the secrecy to taxpayers could be high: special interest waste and lawsuits.

Publisher said...

The lack of transparency of the current government is a real and growing problem; we have already mentioned it to the mayor and council. Ultimately though, it is the responsibility of individual citizens to hold them accountable.

Anonymous said...

I would like for you (Fairhope Times) to find out why the city dropped their contract with a company called RDS (Revenue Discovery Systems). This is a company that handles sales tax collections for the city. They also "Discover" who and who has not obtained a business license in the city. As their name implies the actually find revenue that the city previously was loosing. Did they "Discover" someone operating out of the guidelines and possibly step on some toes? You can google RDS and find out exactly what they do.

Anonymous said...

Some of the other newspaper reporters seem to be on the city's payroll these days ... just fluff ...

Anonymous said...

If our city leaders are really forcing employes to participate in any type of illegal activity puting their jobs at risk thn they ought to be ashamed of themselves and maybe it is time for some new leaders as well?

Dirk said...

Grow up...Burrell is trying to fix the problem as fast as possible before the kids let out of school, and recycle parts. Broken Park next to abandoned school...Sweet Home Fairhope.