Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fairhope Guard Unit Quietly Returns

Fairhope, Alabama. (


April 2015
Without fanfare, the1165th Military Police Company returned to the Fort Riel Readiness Center on Fairwood Dr. recently; it had relocated to Brewton and Atmore in 2013 during state-wide cost-cutting consolidations by the Alabama National Guard.

The company, a unit of the 31st Chemical Brigade, deployed twice to Iraq -- and once to Afghanistan (2012-13).

Much-needed roof/other repairs, -- called a "focused revitalization" -- were completed in 2014 for about $233K.

Although not officially listed in 2012 as one of the state's 13 aging facilities to be closed because of "force reconfiguration" and defense department budget cuts (aka 'sequestration'), one armory per county was the suggested standard; it would eventually be consolidated into the new 'superarmory' being planned for Foley, 2015 construction.

Repairs in 2013
More-recent reports indicate the new Foley armory has been delayed possibly until 2019; that city's old armory remains active as well.


According to other media reports, the Defense Department wants to scale back its facilities by another 24%; but Congress is not likely to authorize a new round of the controversial BRAC,  Base Realignment and Closures this year.

"Focused revitalization" of armories, as was done to Fort Riel, is seen as a way to reduce the chances of closure under BRAC.

( Military bases/property are often donated to local municipalities when closed for good.)

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