Thursday, April 9, 2015

Splash Pad Rebuild Bid Proposals Opened

Fairhope, Alabama. (

Dan Ames, Mayor Kant

Two companies submitted sealed bids on April 2nd for the demolition and replacement of the splash pad at community park; construction defects cannot be fixed (cracked concrete, et al).

(Mayor Kant has said he withheld a final $60,000 payment to the original contractors because of the problems.)


The companies were asked to submit two options: one to do everything themselves ("turnkey lump sum") and the other if the city purchases/provides materials ("owner-provided materials").

(No estimates of the cost to the city of the "owner provided materials" was provided at this time; but the mayor said he wanted to include that in the final recommendation to be made to the city council. The city may be eligible for 'buyer group' discounts.)

Bids received:

Roberstdale's splash pad
*J.A. Dawson Construction of Pelham, Al.  bid $95,784; and $43,640 respectively.

*Aeiker Construction of Mobile, AL. bid $109,633; and $48,815.

Purchasing Manager Dan Ames opened the bids and said the paperwork appeared to be in order for both; but the city engineer will still have to review engineering details to insure compliance; then a recommendation will be made to the mayor/city council.

J.A. Dawson was the low bidder; they built Roberstdale's splash pad two years ago.


Alabama law requires the lowest bid be accepted, provided it is both "responsive" and "responsible":

The selected contractor will have 30 days to begin the project -- and then 60 days for completion.


The Times has been asked by citizens how the defects ocrurred and who is responsible; but when asked city officials have declined to elaborate, sometimes citing possible legal actions.

The problems seemed to begin when the original contractor (low bidder) was unable to fullfill the contract -- and others took over (explanations ranged from "going out of business" to employee bid-error: estimating costs).

The pad that was built was not as extensive as was being planned at town hall meetings in 2013; the new one should have those features: a pirate theme like the rest of the park.

The park was paid for with remaining money from an emergency BP oil spill recovery fund.

existing splash pad

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