Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fairhope Pier Visitors Struck By Car

Fairhope, Alabama. (


Mr. and Mrs. Steele
Seventy-seven year old Spanish Fort resident Patricia Steele and her husband asked the city council to take measures to restrict vehicles driving on the municipal pier after they were knocked down by a car making deliveries to the new pier restaurant (now 'Shux' -- formerly the 'Yardarm') last March 30th.

(video below)

Steele said the small car (Toyota Corolla) driven by an employee of the restaurant struck them at the pier's entrance-end while it was backing up, -- knocking both down, sending them to the emergency room where they were treated for minor injuries and later released.

There were a number of witnesses to the incident who assisted them and called 911: she was transported immediately by ambulance.
Mr. Steele said its not the first time vehicles driving on the pier have caused problems; but he understood the restaurant and "sailors" needed access to their property.

He asked at least that vehicles be required to have backup bells or beepers to alert pedestrians -- and the council consider passing appropriate legislation to "keep the public safe."

There may be legal/insurance-type technicalities involved as well, because it did not occur on a city street: an "incident...  not an accident."

Council President Burrell said he was already aware of the incident and understood vehicles would now have someone walking behind them to warn pedestrians -- until the mayor and police department could come up with permanent measures, perhaps in the form of a new city ordinance.

The Times has learned that most city vehicles have already been restricted from the pier, because of  potential damage being done to the pier itself (cracks): they have always driven on it to empty trash and for other routine maintenance, and backed off.

(UPDATE; The restaurant's lease agreement allows service vehicles on the pier.)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. See a car. Move out of the way. Everyone goes about their day.

I know, I know. That's asking too much.

Anonymous said...

Is about time to face it. The old girl is showing her age. going on 5o year now . Not wide enpough or high enough. corrosion underneath to.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm see a PERSON slow down, vehicle is at fault it is a walking pier !!!!!

Caitlin Moore said...

I think having someone to guide the vehicle and warn pedestrians is a good solution. Maybe even having a warning sign placed at the entrance, when service vehicles are on the pier would be good too.